Young Musicians Course (August)

Music is a social activity. We share music with others. Unfortunately, young musicians across Dublin have not been able to share in the magic of music-making. Young bands have had to write songs via the internet, students have been performing in online recitals, and.

The IIMS Young Musicians Course is catered to young musicians of all age and will take place in the custom-built new premises of the Irish Institute of Music & Song in Balbriggan.

Immerse yourself in an intensive week of music making activities. On this course, you will learn a broad range of skills, develop musicianship and improve your theory. We will help you to form a band with other talented musicians from diverse musical backgrounds and get behind the scenes in a professional music studio.

There is a wealth of research demonstrating how the study of music can benefit a child's learning, health and happiness. Here are just a few reasons we love teaching music!

  1. Playing music improves memory - Memorisation is an important aspect of musical learning and aids neurological development

  2. Music helps develop language and reasoning skills - The part of the brain that deals with language and reason also deals with music

  3. Increased coordination - Making music is like sports in that it can improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  4. Students develop higher standards in their work - Learning music requires practice, so it rewards students who hone their craft.

  5. Music students learn self discipline - Every day, time must be set aside for practice. Teenagers must exercise self-discipline to master their instrument.

  6. Students have better exam results scores - Studies have shown that students who have a musical education score higher in exams.

  7. Making music builds teamwork - In much the same way as sports, music teaches children the value of teamwork and collaboration. Teenagers who perform in orchestras or bands learn to work together during rehearsals and performances. They inevitably build strong friendships along the way.

  8. A strong sense of accomplishment - Even the smallest piece of music leaves a student proud of their accomplishments.

  9. Music develops creative thinking - Teenagers who study the arts learn to think creatively. This will help them address problems without apparent solutions and consider multiple approaches when faced with a challenge.

  10. Music develops a child’s imagination and intellectual curiosity - Teaching teenagers music while they are young helps create a positive attitude towards learning.


Dates: 17th - 21st August Venue: Irish Institute of Music & Song, Church Street, Balbriggan, County Dublin Ages: 13-18 Times: Monday-Friday, 10am to 3pm

What you will learn?

• Performance skills

• Audio production & Recording techniques

• Vocal technique

• Overcoming stage fright

• Group improvisation

Fee: €99 Early Bird / €130 Regular Price (after 10 July)



The safety of our students and our staff is of utmost importance to us.

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, our Summer camps will have some additional elements e.g. hourly handwashing, and some changes to the way the camps normally run, in order to make a safe and happy environment for all. We are comm

itted to providing a fulfilling, friendly and fun camp to all of our students, and are very much looking forward to getting started.

Our Summer camps for 2020 are expected to go ahead, subject to the latest available advice from the government and other relevant authorities. We are in the process, in collaboration with our COVID officer, of making a clear set of guidelines for hosting these camps, and the guidelines are under very regular review.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the situation, and the associated Governmental advice, we will continue to monitor events nationally and internationally and we will modify our guidelines on an ongoing basis in compliance with all safety requirements.

In the event that a camp needs to be cancelled, relevant fees will be refunded.

In recent months, teenagers across the world have been missing their friends, yearning for social activities and searching for fun activities to keep them occupied and learning!

Likewise, parents have been working so hard to juggle all the new and diverse challenges of 2020. We want to take a moment to doff our caps and salute all you parents for your patience, resilience and creativity over the past few months.

Staying inside seven days a week due to an enforced lockdown, with only momentary outdoor breaks, inevitably brings its own frustrations.

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