Workplace Choirs - EY Choir

Workplace Choirs - EY Choir

We are delighted to begin our second full year with EY Choir. They have had a whirlwind twelve months since EY came onboard our Workplace Choir programme.

In October 2018, EY Choir performed at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Gala Awards ceremony. This involved a recording session and performance in front of 1000+ people.

In June 2019, EY Choir performed live at EY Pride, a colourful and artistic event held in House on Leeson Street.

This year, Michael T. Dawson will conduct the choir. We already have an ambitious and exciting programme scheduled for EY Choir in 2019-20. Watch this space throughout the year.

Rebecca Gilbert leads the IIMS Workplace Choir programme. Rebecca is a choral director, barbershop judge, singer, arranger, and all-round music expert. If your company would like to find out about the exciting corporate package we have developed over the past three years, contact Rebecca at info@irishinstituteofmusic.com.


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