Podcast Episode 12 - National Youth Choir of Northern Ireland

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Our guest for this week's episode is Andrew Nunn, Artistic Director of the National Youth Choir of Northern Ireland (NYCNI).

Andrew is a conductor based in Glasgow who works regularly at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) and National Youth Choirs of Scotland (NYCOS). He is the Junior Conservatoire Director of Choirs at the RCS and was appointed as Artistic Director of NYCNI in 2018, in the organisation's 20th year.

Formerly known as Ulster Youth Choir (UYC), the organisation's summer residential retreat has been postponed this year and will now take place in the Halloween mid-term break. He sits on the panel for the BBC Northern Ireland School Choir of the Year competition.

In addition to his work at pre HE level, Andrew is a Kodály Musicianship lecturer for both the School of Music and School of Drama and is a conducting lecturer within the Musical Theatre department at the Royal Conservatoire.

Andrew is the director and founder of the highly acclaimed Les Sirènes female choir, which consists of students and recent graduates of the RCS and winners of the 2012 BBC Choir of the Year competition.

In this episode, Andrew explains his approach to choral leadership and his experiences with his various choirs - including the National Youth Choir of Northern Ireland - as well as the role of a conductor's gender, influencing young male singers, and Andrew's own process of mourning what we've lost during the pandemic.

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