Ireland's First Online Music Club for Kids

Children are playful and creative beings. Their imaginations know no bounds. They learn new concepts and at a rapid pace. At times, their appetite for fun seems insatiable.

On any given school day, a child might absorb hundreds of facts, develop new social skills, do something they've never done before, and create a work of art. There is no stopping a child from learning!

In recent months, children all across Ireland - and the world - have been missing their friends, yearning for social activities and searching for fun activities to keep them occupied and learning!

Likewise, parents have been working so hard to juggle all the new and diverse challenges of 2020. We want to take a moment to doff our caps and salute all you parents for your patience, resilience and creativity over the past few months.

Staying inside seven days a week due to an enforced lockdown, with only momentary outdoor breaks, inevitably brings its own frustrations.

That's why we’ve been listening closely to parents and students in recent months and we’ve created a new online music club, the first of its kind in Ireland.


FOR 2 WEEKS: 6 - 10 JULY 2020 13 - 17 JULY 2020

Since 2009, we have been running our Sounds Good! Music camps and we’ve loved every minute of it. Now we are taking this format online so that kids can have fun with music from the comfort of their own homes.

Not only is this a high-energy activity based course that takes place over two weeks in July…

It is part of an ongoing online music club run by the Irish Institute of Music & Song, which will deliver fun-filled musical content on a monthly basis.

If you’re interested in joining the IIMS Kids Club, your first step is to register for the Sounds Good! Online Music Club. You can do so at this link: www.soundsgood.ie

Each child will receive a special Club Pack when they register. This will be delivered to every member in time for the 2-week Club.

The pack includes:

  • a ukulele

  • a tin whistle

  • a set of drum sticks

  • a unique Club t-shirt

  • and a Club workbook to keep track of all the amazing activities we’ll be doing every day of the Club.

During the Online Music Club, participants will log on each day and make friends with other kids from Ireland and beyond. They’ll get to make music with super fun and experienced leaders, and they’ll enjoy loads of fun musical material to try out with family and friends after each daily class has ended.



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