How One Local Summer Camp Is Dealing With Covid 19

This year, hundreds of children & parents were set to be disappointed when all ‘in-person’ activities were cancelled amidst the Covid 19 pandemic across the country. However, Ireland’s great response to the pandemic has meant that the infection numbers are low and businesses and schools can re-open albeit with restrictions.

Sounds Good! Music Summer Camp founded in 2009, has introduced thousands of children to music over the past 11 years. The team are have worked hard to carefully follow precautions so they can continue inspiring children and encouraging them to enjoy music. Here are the things Sounds Good! Summer Camp (founded in 2009) is doing to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our staff, students and their families:

  • Reduced Camp Numbers

  • Staggered Drop Off and collection times.

  • Students are divided into age-appropriate groups in designated areas.

  • Outside areas used as much as possible.

  • Handwashing scheduled every hour, and all surfaces and instruments sanitised twice daily.

  • Parents are asked to keep their child at home if they are unwell or have a temperature.

Sounds Good! Music Summer Camp will continue to adapt using the latest research as the weeks go on. If you have a business or work with kids and want to find out more, we would be delighted to share anything we know with you.

*All pictures taken on the Irish Institute of Music & Song's Campus

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