Festival Outreach - St. Molaga's National School

St. Molaga's National School in Balbriggan has a wonderful choral programme. They also took up the opportunity to welcome Dónal into their school for a singing workshop as part of Fingal International Festival of Voices.

Some of the children got in touch with us to pass on their reactions to the workshop.

James from St Molaga's said:

I really liked Donal’s workshop because he was hilarious the way he could do all the movements. I thought he was amazing on the piano, and cool the way he made song/claps about our tables. It was very cool to be honest. My favourite part was the warm up and the Mrs O’Leary song because it just got me motivated. I absolutely loved him.

Ava from St. Molaga's 3rd class said:

I really liked Donal’s workshop because it was cool the way he can get the tables names and put them in a song and because he was funny. He has a really good singing voice. My favourite part was the singing and dancing and I liked the warm up . It inspired me to start to play guitar. I would give him 5 stars out of 5 stars.

Muhammed told us:

I really liked Donal’s workshop because it was really funny and a bit weird but it was cool and he was a great musician. He did different voices and made a song about our table names and that was brilliant. It was funny when we were making different sounds and at the end he played a bit of piano while we were singing. I liked doing the actions while we singing cause I was good at the actions and I really liked it. My favourite part was Mrs O’Leary when we ‘kicked the bucket’.

Hadi also contacted us with this message:

“I really liked Donal’s workshop because it was really hilarious in a weird way. My favourite song was Mrs O’Leary because of the dance. My favourite part was where Donal made a song with our table names and when he played the piano. He was also very very loud.

The workshops involve singing, body percussion, games, harmony, and lots of vocal warm-ups. If your school is interested in finding out more about our Singing workshops, please get in touch at donal@fingalacademyofmusic.com or call 083-8505978.


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