Festival Outreach - Naul National School

As part of Fingal International Festival of Voices (FIFOV), Naul National School enjoyed a 45-minute workshop in their school library with FIFOV Director of Outreach, Dónal Kearney.

Some of the staff and children got in touch with us to pass on their responses to the workshop. One of the children, Lucy, passed on this message:

I really enjoyed the workshop! My favourite part was the song Mrs O Leary and the dance moves we did to the song. I also really enjoyed the fruit song and how we had to practice moving our mouth. The warmups were good as well. We had to make noises like a dog and a chainsaw. I would love to do the workshop again.

Aoibhín said:

I thought the workshop was really fun. I liked the way we added dance moves to the song. Dónal was very funny. The song about mangoes, kiwis and bananas was fun to learn. We also sang a number song. I really enjoyed the workshop and so did everyone else.

Finn told us:

I liked the rhythm of all the songs and the actions. I liked how we change our voices for different parts of the songs. Now I prefer to sing standing up. I loved it and I would love to do it again!

Paige explained:

I liked doing the songs with Dónal. My favourite was Mrs O Leary and the fruit song. The warmups were fun and funny, and I really enjoyed that. Dónal made us do some moves and that was dun and helped you remember the words. I think everyone enjoyed it and they would do it again. Dónal made singing really fun for everyone. I still remember the songs we learned.

Eoin also contributed his thoughts on the experience:

I thought the choir workshop was fun. I liked the moves we did because they were funny. My favourite song was the fruit salad sing because I liked the movements we had to do. Overall, I really liked it.

The choir of Naul National School are due to perform at FIFOV on Friday 13 March in the National Children's Choir competition. Choir director, Amanda Moore, passed on her impressions of the workshop.

The workshop Dónal delivered at our school was energetic and fun. It was appropriate for all levels, and all children - no matter what age - really enjoyed the experience. I highly recommend organising a visit from Dónal.

Our singing workshops involve singing, body percussion, games, harmony, and lots of vocal warm-ups.

If your school is interested in finding out more about our singing workshops, please get in touch at donal@fingalacademyofmusic.com or call 083 850 5978.



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