Episode 27 - Cherinet Ayele Delebo (Guest Artist)

The IIMS podcast brings you the latest ideas in music from all over the world.

The Irish Institute of Music & Song (IIMS) podcast hosts conversations with performers, academics and educators from all over the world. The podcast is curated by Dónal Kearney in Dublin, Ireland.

In our IIMS Guest Artist series, we sit down with groups and performers who visit the Irish Institute of Music & Song campus in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.

Our IIMS Guest Artist in episode 27 is Cherinet Ayele Delebo, a fantastically talented pianist.

He travelled to Limerick to study music but when his family was threatened by police, he could not return home so he sought aslyum in Ireland.

In this episode Dónal and Cherinet chat about life as a musician, Cherinet's time performing in the National Concert Hall and the Song Seeking project!

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