Podcast Episode 10 - Wearing a lot of hats

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Sustaining a career in music is a challenge, no matter what stage you’re at. As a musician, you have to wear a lot of different hats. Making a living doing what we love is a life-long ambition. There may be obstacles along the way, trying to stop us from making music, but the passion of musicians can be unstoppable.

Even for musicians who make a living elsewhere, music takes drive, commitment and passion. We know our listeners are passionate about music, and our guest on episode 10 is one of those musicians who wears a lot of different hats.

Eoin Conway has built a diverse international career as an educator, performer and arranger. I spoke to him about the various hats he wears (on stage and off), what he’s thinking as he strives to communicate a song with his audiences, and he even delighted me with a tutorial, explaining how he approaches a song when arranging it for a group of singers.

We are delighted to welcome listeners to the podcast from 23 different countries, including Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Poland and Chile.

In this week's episode, Eoin speaks about his introduction to singing and playing piano as a child, some of the most valuable lessons he learned from his music teachers, and he tells us about his eclectic performance career in the worlds of opera, barbershop and choral music.

Eoin also describes his creative process as an arranger. During this episode, he talks us through his approach to arranging traditional Irish ballad "Molly Malone", and how certain harmonies evoke particular emotional responses.

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