Balbriggan Sings! Community Workshop

In mid-February, Fingal International Festival of Voices ran two community workshops in Balbriggan. The first took place in Flemington Community Centre, while the second happened in Castleland Community Centre.

The mission of Fingal International Festival of Voices is to celebrate diversity and inclusion through music. It is a singing and storytelling festival with an emphasis on community engagement. That is why we set up #BalbrigganSings!

In both workshops, grown men and women - as well as children of all ages - learned some basic vocal techniques. They sang together and had a fun afternoon. There was a lot of laughing going on!

FIFOV is supported by Our Balbriggan and it is estimated that over 2,200 singers will descend upon the town between 12-15 March 2020. Fingal International Festival of Voices is a fortnight now away. As part of the festival outreach programme, we have delivered workshops in fourteen schools in the area and we have visited several local community choirs.

#BalbrigganSings #OurBalbriggan




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