Artist Feature - TRÚ

The team at the Irish Institute of Music and Song is made up of fantastic musicians. Everyone from our tutors at Fingal Academy of Music to conductors in the Fingal Choral programme to our management team working in the office has a wealth of international educational and performance experience. We at IIMS are very lucky to have access to such talented people.

We have posted Teacher Features on the FAM website, and today we'd like to introduce TRÚ. TRÚ is a folk trio from Northern Ireland. Its members are Zach Trouton, Michael Mormecha and IIMS co-founder Dónal Kearney.

Zach plays electric guitar, Michael plays drums/percussion, and Dónal plays flute and low whistle. Three-part vocal harmony is an integral element of TRÚ's sound. Its repertoire was initially drawn from the wealth of traditional songs in the Ulster tradition; both in English and in Irish. It also arranges songs from the Scots tradition and writes original songs inspired by folklore from around the world.

TRÚ is hosting four intimate performances in November 2019. The first was in Belfast's Black Box venue on Sunday 3 November. TRÚ will play two gigs in London, including two sets at UnAmpliFire on Saturday 16 November, at which they will share the bill with folk champion Peggy Seeger. This festival is curated by the Nest Collective, a London-based organisation supporting folk music from around the world.

"TRÚ are absolutely amazing." (Moya Brennan)

TRÚ was selected as one of four acts to be chosen on Nest Collective's Amplify talent development programme for emerging artists. Chosen from a pool of over 200 applicants, the judges picked TRÚ base on the originality of their sound and the power of their storytelling. TRÚ is working with a label in London to release its début album in early 2020.

TRÚ's final concert of 2019 is at The Cobblestone, an infamous hub of traditional music and song. It is a music-lover's venue and hosts several fantastic folksong events, including The Night Before Larry Got Stretched on the first Sunday of each month.

The Cobblestone concert takes place on Saturday 30 November, when TRÚ will be selling exclusive hand-made CDs (limited edition).

TRÚ discard conventional folk instrumentation for electric instruments with none of the folk-rock trappings of the past. (The Nest Collective)

In March 2020, TRÚ will launch their début album with a performance at Fingal International Festival of Voices. The album, entitled "No Fixed Abode", includes traditional songs from all over Ireland, Scotland and England, as well as original material inspired by folk tales from across the world.

To find out more about TRÚ, you can visit their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Breaking Tunes.



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