Let us provide the soundtrack to your special day, arranging your chosen songs in your favourite style, whether that's Traditional Irish, Contemporary, Folk, Classical or something entirely original!


We offer a 'Bespoke Service', meaning that the set list for your wedding ceremony is custom made especially for you. If you need help in choosing any songs or pieces, have a look at our sample repertoires and set lists. We  work with your budget to produce the best music possible for your special day.


The fee includes one rehearsal and performance. We use an upright RCF Evox 8 Speaker system. An acoustic set without amplification is also available.

Contact us for individual pricing here.


Duet Combo: Violin and Guitar (with optional Vocal)


Trio Combo: Violin and Guitar plus one of the following instruments (other suggestions are welcome)

  1. Piano

  2. Harp

  3. Singer

  4. Second Violin

  5. Cello

  6. Oboe

  7. Concertina

  8. Banjo



For a Civil Ceremony, there may be space for as much or little music as you wish. Some ceremonies may only require music at the entrance and exit, as in a short blessing.


There are many types of Ceremony - Druid, Humanist, Spiritual, non-denominational, etc.


Many couples script their own, and there are some common features which occur throughout - i.e. the lighting of the unity candle, the warming of the rings, the tying of the knot around the hands, the pouring of the sand. These are generally key points for music. I would advise people to choose their favourite pieces of music, and liaise with their celebrant as to where the pieces are most fitting.




Church Ceremonies may have approximately ten pieces, including the Psalm and the Alleluia.


Feel free to mix different styles. We'v compiled a short sample for ideas. We also have a repertoire of liturgical music if you need any help in choosing extra pieces. 


  • Processional – Pachelbel’s Canon or Raglan Road

  • Lighting of candles - Planxty Irwin  or The Sally Gardens

  • Psalm - On Eagle's Wings or Sé an Tiarna M'Aoire  

  • Gospel - Seinn Alleluia 

  • Offertory - Ag Críost an tSiol or Gabriel's Oboe

  • Sign of Peace - Shalom or Tabhair dom do lamh

  • Communion – Ave Maria, Schubert / Here I am Lord

  • Register - She moves through the fair  / Inis Oirr

  • Recessional – O’Carolan’s Concerto or The Marino Waltz



Music for the Drinks Reception/Canapés may be an acoustic instrumental set, or something more lively with full PA, singing or crowd participation for larger audiences.

Choose from our range of Duets, Trios or Quartets in various musical genres. 


The Sarah May Rogers Band is an alternative Gypsy Jazz Trio with Violin, Guitar and Double Bass. For a quieter set, we can tone it down with instrumental pieces. Harmonies and a mix of covers from all genres in a Rock, Folk, Gypsy Jazz style. 



Music for the rinks Reception/Canapés may be an acoustic instrumental set, or something more lively with full PA, singing or crowd participation for larger audiences.

A Duo or Trio of Irish instrumentalists, the standard combination being Fiddle, Guitar and Flute, with low whistles and bodhrán optional. We can also provide Concertina, Banjo, Mandolin, Accordian, Uileann Pipes or Harp. We can provide a 'session' type atmosphere playing background music or a more lively interactive set, singing well loved ballads and songs.

The ‘Ceili Caller’ Night - to get the guests participating in some Set-Dancing. We work with a troupe of Irish dancers which may be of particular interest to any guests travelling from overseas.


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